100% Pure Vermicompost


100% Pure Vermicompost

100% Pure Vermicompost

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  • ORGANIC FERTILIZER: This is an organic eco-friendly fertilizer and manure which can be mixed with garden soil. Vermi compost is a nutrient rich organic supplement used in home gardening for healthy & fast growth of plants.
  • BENEFITS: This vermicompost Increases growth, flowering, fruiting and crop yield, accelerates germination, protects plants against various pests and diseases, improves water retention capacity and enables plant growth with less water, helps root elongation for better nutrient uptake, Excellent soil conditioner, improves aeration, rich in bio-available nutrients for plant growth, develops soil structure for better root alteration.
  • BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITIES: Organic matter promotes biological activities in the soil to improve both the structure and texture of the soil.
  • NUTRIENT RICH: This is the organic vermicompost, use for the home, garden pot. It has nutrient rich ideal for terrace garden. Plant has easy to grow with the soil.
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