Bonemeal (Steamed)


Bonemeal (Steamed)

Bonemeal (Steamed)

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  • Organic manure rich in phosphorus, calcium and nitrogen
  • Good for better root development and increased yield
  • Can be used to remove the acidity of the soil
  • Stimulates root production and improves the growth of both vegetables and flower plants
  • Nontoxic and non-harmful to plants as its organic and natural

How to use:

During soil preparation: Sprinkle bone meal fertiliser evenly over the soil or add to planting compost. Make sure it's mixed well. If the weather is dry, water in well.

In the growing season:If you're adding bone meal throughout the growing season, sprinkle evenly around established part of the soil and gently fork it into the surface. Be careful not to disturb plant roots as you do so. Water thoroughly.

Plants in containers:For established plants in containers, apply the bone meal fertiliser at the start of the season and then once or twice throughout the growing season to help stimulate flowering or fruit ripening when the plants are actively growing. Again, sprinkle around the plants and work it into the soil being careful of any roots, then water well.

Vegetable plots: If you're using a bone meal for your vegetable plot, add fertiliser and fork it into the soil before planting any seeds. 

New plants: Once you've made a planting hole, fork a small amount of bone meal for plants into the hole. You can also add it to the compost and soil that will be used as the planting mixture. Water thoroughly.

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